Pick-up Drop-off Info

Note that there is a one time fee of 10800yen for Airport pick up and/or drop off. 

Airport Parking Pick up

Our rental cars are parked at the Chitose Airport Parking. Please give us a call on +81 (0) 136-55-5991 or +81 (0) 90-6212-5664 

AFTER YOU HAVE CLEARED CUSTOMS AND HAVE YOUR BAGS. We will then (and only then) alert the Airport Parking staff that you are ready to be picked up, if they are not there already, it will be a 5 minute wait. Your group will need to take a shuttle bus to the airport parking to collect the vehicle.

The bus is labeled "Airport Parking" and is usually yellow and red, but we can't guarantee the colour as they have a white one too. If it says anything else other than Airport Parking, you are on the wrong bus. They will ask for your name to confirm. 

Please go out of the terminal building, there are bus stop numbers above your head and the bus will collect you at stop #30 (domestic) or #67 (international). It’s about 7 min drive from the terminal to this parking lot.

Airport Parking opening hours are 6 am to 11 pm 

Airport Parking drop off

Please return the car at Airport Parking, Hokkaido Prefecture, Tomakomai, Misawa, 261-56

Phone number for GPS: 0144-58-4111

Airport Parking opening hours are 6 am to 11 pm.

Please allow 20 - 30 Minutes from arrival at Airport Parking Office/Parking for arrival at the Airport proper (They will shuttle you there)

Airport Parking website (Japanese):


**Please note that they do not speak English. If you have any trouble, please call us or if you don’t have a mobile phone please ask them to call us. (Just use simple English and speak slowly)

Chitose Airport Parking Location

Taking this route from and to the airport there are lots of gas stations on your way going through Chitose city. 

Picking up a vehicle in Niseko

Pick up the vehicle at our office (please check our office hours on the Contact Us page). Alternately, you can give us a call on + 81-136-55-5991 when you are ready to collect your vehicle. We will pick you up at your point of arrival or accommodation and take you to our office to complete the paperwork and you'll then be able to drive away with your car. Please let us know where you will be arriving/staying and what time you would like to be picked up.

Dropping off a vehicle in Niseko

Drive the vehicle to our office (please check our office hours on the Contact Us page). We can then drop you off at your accomodation or point of departure in the Niseko area for free. To ensure prompt service please let us know your plans in advance by calling us at + 81-136-55-5991.

Pick up/drop off at your accomodation in Niseko

Vehicle pick up or drop off can be arranged at your accomodation in Niseko. A fee of 2500yen applies (5000yen for pick up and drop off). Note that additional requirements apply for this service. You will need to send us copies of your Driver`s Licence and International Driver`s Permit and complete all paperwork beforehand.