About Us

Niseko Auto was started by JRT Trading Ltd. over 10 years ago, here in Hokkaido, Japan. JRT is an acronym for "Japan Road Trip," which are adventures we still go on daily. We want to make road trips affordable and easy for anyone visiting Hokkaido. Even to Japanese natives, Hokkaido feels like a foreign country. The roads are wider, the houses are fewer, the produce, seafood and water are fresher and people are more laid back. Hokkaido produces more than 20% of all of Japan's food. Combining these unique aspects with Japanese service and culture is the perfect combination!

Thinking outside the bento box

We proudly offer everything from budget vehicles to convertible sports cars, passenger vans, winter snowmobile tours, and even camping and outdoor sports gear. Our vehicle rentals include 24-hour roadside assistance.

No our vehicles aren’t new, but they are reliable, clean, regularly serviced by our mechanic, and are very affordable. Our rates are generally 20% to 50% less than the competition!



JRT Trading also operates Black Diamond Lodge and Black Diamond Tours Submit a request to contract our services by visiting our Contact us page.